Father of the Bride Speech

father of the bride toastWedding speeches usually end up being so hard to tell and so boring to hear because the people saying these speeches don’t use creativity, not even a small bit, not to mention fun. This doesn’t mean that your father of the bride speech should be a long line of jokes, but it does mean that direct or indirect jokes should be included for an added level of fun and creativity.

You’d wonder how to handle this, so that the end result (the final version of the speech) is as good as you’ve always imagined? Before jumping any further, we must emphasize the importance of the elementary parts of every father of the bride speech. These are the schematic parts, which are almost always the same: welcoming your guests, talking about your wife (summary only), talking about your daughter, welcoming the groom into your family and saying a few words about him as well and then adding some final words with a toast proposal. These elementary things should never be excluded or changed too much. Of course, you can choose your own way of telling these things, but essentially, you must keep them in order (as listed above) and without leaving any of them out.

To capture the attention of the ones who were invited to this unique, once-in-a-life celebration, you could welcome them in a semi-formal way, not as simple as “Welcome everybody!” How to welcome people in a funny way? Use your creativity to figure that one out or welcome people with random sentences, such as: “I am pleased to announce that I am just about to tell you some boring things, so that you can’t find pleasure in listening to my speech. None of you is welcome here, actually. Just kidding, people! Welcome all and thanks for coming here today!” Sounds unnatural, but with a bit of added fun, doesn’t it? However, this isn’t a scheme, or a line you should learn to say. You should say whatever comes to your mind and is not offensive to the guests.

Small jokes, added in the right moments, cause so much of laughter! This way, the people who are listening to your speech will really get the message. And what other purpose would a father of the bride speech have then deliver a message, capture attention and make guests feel better and more comfortable with attention to the newlyweds? Of course, you always need to adjust your father of the bride speech to the personalities of your family members and the groom’s family members. This is important, because things you may not find offensive easily become offensive to others. If someone is ever hurt during a wedding ceremony, make sure that the man or woman in case isn’t a member of the family and try to make sure that it isn’t one of the best men or maids of honor.

You can also use the internet to find some funny father of the bride speech models. However, we have found it important to talk about the principles and the basics, rather than giving out a plain speech model!

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