Father of the Bride Speech Example

A lot of websites have presented father of the bride speech examples. Although most of them are almost the same, just like they had copied each other, in this article I am focusing on giving you a really unique type of speech example, a simple but efficient speech example.

A father of the bride speech – similarly to the father of the groom speech – is one of the wedding speeches that are told in the “opening”. I am referring to the opening as the beginning of the wedding speeches. Somehow, this is great and unpleasant at the same time, but if you know what you’re doing then it’s fairly simple. So what do you need to take into account before having your speech?

  1. Study the elements of body language. Every speech would transmit its own meaning being accompanied by body language elements. A bad body language isn’t recommended, so it is better to learn how to synchronize your movements and gestures with the meaning of your speech.
  2. Sketch, prepare, sketch again and then prepare again. No successful speech could ever be written on the first go. It’s simply not that easy, you need a lot of thinking and consideration to provide the necessary quality. Why would you be interested in quality? It is important, because you won’t have any second attempt of your father of the bride speech and your daughter’s most important day of life is really something memorable, something you must be prepared for.
  3. Try to figure out what your daughter expects.
  4. Follow all of the basic wedding speech rules: the introduction, the structure and the toast proposal in the ending.
  5. Control your emotions.
  6. Use jokes with care only.

Having all of the important things said, let’s go for the father of the bride speech example:

“Hi everyone! My name is George and I am proud to begin my day with the wedding speech for my wonderful daughter, Alice. Thank you all for being here, thanks for traveling and taking time to be present at my daughter’s wedding – it means a lot to our families!As the father of Alice, I feel it as my duty to say that I am happy and proud about today’s event. Carl and Alice have found each other exactly 3 years before, on this very same day and their only important wish was that if they had a wedding, then it would be adjusted to the same date as they first met. I guess this dream came to reality already!My daughter is a very special kind of woman. She is always funny, helpful and has a great feel of empathy towards everyone. I am sure that her unique personality and great looks – yes darling, you are superb today, a real lady – have attracted Carl. Since the day I met Carl, I knew that he’s going to be the perfect match for Alice. I saw Carl more like the male version of Alice and I thought “Oh, wow! This is just more than perfect!” and I was right, kids, I was right!

Then, eventually, I met Carl’s parents as well and we’ve been best friends ever since. I am so happy that my family was extended with so many good people. I am also happy that our children have found each other and that they are able to make each other happy. I guess I’m speaking in all our names when I say that it makes us, parents, proud to see you in love and in happiness. That’s all we ever wanted for our kids to feel and live!

I want you kids to appreciate each other, love each other on the hard days and always be honest. As long as you respect these basic things, you will definitely be happy throughout life! Also, when you decide you want kids, please make sure that you are ready, both emotionally and financially. It’s not a big problem if kids “wait” 2-3 years before being born. Just make sure you’re up to them, but learn to deal with everything. Don’t be mad if you wanted 2 girls but then got 2 boys!

Let us now stand up, rise our glasses, and toast to our lovebirds!”

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