Father of the Bride Speech Examples

Parts of Bride’s Father Speeches

Soon it will be the BIG day, your little girl is getting married, and you have to give a father of the bride speech, but what should you say. Speaking in public is not “your thing” but you know that you have to say something. And according to tradition since you are the host you will have to speak first. You cannot just say something about the bride and sit down. There are six parts of the speech that you must talk about and it should only take seven to nine minutes to say it keeping it to about a thousand words. That is not a long time to speak but for someone who does not like to speak, it can seem like an hour.

Remember when giving the speech you need to do with your head up, standing tall, smiling, looking at various people, and saying it loud enough so everyone can hear it. You need to do it with emotion, poise, confidence, and poise. Sounds like a big task for someone who does not like to give a speech or talk in front of others. One important thing to do is not to try and “wing” it. You need to write it down and practice what you are going to say. Say it in front of a mirror, know every part of your speech, backwards and forwards. If you are afraid of forgetting anything you can use index cards for help but try to not just read the speech. You can look at the cards but say it with love and emotion. Click HERE for MORE Speech Samples

Bride’s Father Speech – Introduction

This is the first part. It is needed because there may be people from the groom’s side of the family or friends of the groom who are not sure who you are. This is also the part where you thank certain people for taking their time to witness this special time in your daughter and son-in-law’s life, thank them for taking the time to travel there, their special relationship with your daughter and son-in-law. The people you need to thank include: More

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Best wedding speeches for father of the bride

Father of the Bride Speech Examples

Father of the Bride Speeches

Wedding speeches should all be filled with emotions, honest feelings, perfect expressions of different ideals and words of wisdom, gratitude, happiness and perfect timing. As a matter of fact, the timing is probably the hardest thing in father of the bride wedding speeches. As her father, you would most probably desire speaking for at least half an hour, but unfortunately your time-frame must be reduced and limited to 5 minutes of speaking. It may seem a lot on first sight, but experiences of people who went through their own wedding speeches reveal that this time amount is not quite enough. So how can you become the perfect organizer of your own speech to respect all timings and don’t exceed the 5 minutes, yet keep the entire meaning of the speech with all essential speech elements? It’s sometimes hard to understand but if you follow this article with attention, you might understand what it takes.

You need a lot of time management in wedding speeches. How to handle your time while preparing the father of the bride speech? Let me show you a checklist:

  • Make up at least 5 different versions of your speech. And I really mean different, not like changing 1 or 2 sentences. I recommend 10 or 15 versions.
  • Now, take out every version separately, turning them into final versions (details on that below).
  • Review the structuring of your speech as it must contain:
    • A short but to-the-point introduction greeting all guests and capturing attention
    • A speech body to contain everything you’ve got to say
    • Ending words of wisdom, quotes
    • Toast proposal
    • Check the introduction – does it seem like a real introduction to you? Would it capture your attention if you were a critic?
    • Checking the speech body is very complex, but we’ll deal with that further on within this article.
    • You need to carefully pick the ending words of wisdom and/or quotes you might want to read. People would appreciate your own words of wisdom but sometimes a quote is significantly better and more meaningful.
    • Pick a stylish toast proposal sentencing and use it trustfully!

Of course, the ideal wedding speeches for father of the bride start the preparing process at least 2-3 weeks before the main event. You should never try doing everything on the last mile as you will probably not be able to keep the pace and not be able to come up with a good speech. More

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Father of the Bride Speech Template

When you have speech templates, it’s fairly simple to write your unique speech. Nowadays it is very important to come up with speeches which are clearly unique and which aren’t following the old templates. However, the uniqueness of your speech also depends on your creativity. For instance, you can use computers, music, all kinds of things to enhance your speech. It all depends on how you link things together.

This father of the bride speech template is a great starting point, so I honestly hope that it turns your own ideas on, that it helps you come up with a great speech yourself.

“Hello everyone!I am honored to stand here, in front of our guests and tell you all that you are more than welcome here today! It’s great, it’s such a happiness for our families to have so many guests that came here today to celebrate with us. More
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Original Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

The internet with its blogs and forums is literally filled and overfilled with father of the bride speech examples. Still, one of the worst sensations for fathers is the actual browsing of hundreds of speech examples, but not being able to say “I know this is the one I need”. The problem with the existing examples is that they are too specific, too reflective on a couple’s situation. However, we can easily overcome this obstacle by knowing the rules and secrets behind editing these speeches.

As I tried to suggest above, originality is one of the rules and secrets. Father of the bride speech examples are posted on blogs and they have a lot of readers, just because they are originals! I don’t claim that all are originals, but the most popular ones are. How do you get to be original? Speaking from your heart is all you need.

Okay, so another thing is feeling calm. You’d say out of your own manly pride that you will be calm, but in most cases this claim proves itself wrong. Feeling calm can be achieved by exercising with your own imagination, you can easily imagine that you are saying your speech right now. As an exercise routine for the upcoming wedding, you could read out father of the bride speech examples loudly, pretending that it’s your daughter’s wedding. Trust me on this one: it actually works! More

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Father of the Bride Speech Example

A lot of websites have presented father of the bride speech examples. Although most of them are almost the same, just like they had copied each other, in this article I am focusing on giving you a really unique type of speech example, a simple but efficient speech example.

A father of the bride speech – similarly to the father of the groom speech – is one of the wedding speeches that are told in the “opening”. I am referring to the opening as the beginning of the wedding speeches. Somehow, this is great and unpleasant at the same time, but if you know what you’re doing then it’s fairly simple. So what do you need to take into account before having your speech?

  1. Study the elements of body language. Every speech would transmit its own meaning being accompanied by body language elements. A bad body language isn’t recommended, so it is better to learn how to synchronize your movements and gestures with the meaning of your speech.
  2. Sketch, prepare, sketch again and then prepare again. No successful speech could ever be written on the first go. It’s simply not that easy, you need a lot of thinking and consideration to provide the necessary quality. Why would you be interested in quality? It is important, because you won’t have any second attempt of your father of the bride speech and your daughter’s most important day of life is really something memorable, something you must be prepared for.
  3. Try to figure out what your daughter expects.
  4. Follow all of the basic wedding speech rules: the introduction, the structure and the toast proposal in the ending.
  5. Control your emotions.
  6. Use jokes with care only.

Having all of the important things said, let’s go for the father of the bride speech example:

“Hi everyone! My name is George and I am proud to begin my day with the wedding speech for my wonderful daughter, Alice. Thank you all for being here, thanks for traveling and taking time to be present at my daughter’s wedding – it means a lot to our families!As the father of Alice, I feel it as my duty to say that I am happy and proud about today’s event. Carl and Alice have found each other exactly 3 years before, on this very same day and their only important wish was that if they had a wedding, then it would be adjusted to the same date as they first met. I guess this dream came to reality already! More
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