Father of the Bride Speech Template

When you have speech templates, it’s fairly simple to write your unique speech. Nowadays it is very important to come up with speeches which are clearly unique and which aren’t following the old templates. However, the uniqueness of your speech also depends on your creativity. For instance, you can use computers, music, all kinds of things to enhance your speech. It all depends on how you link things together.

This father of the bride speech template is a great starting point, so I honestly hope that it turns your own ideas on, that it helps you come up with a great speech yourself.

“Hello everyone!I am honored to stand here, in front of our guests and tell you all that you are more than welcome here today! It’s great, it’s such a happiness for our families to have so many guests that came here today to celebrate with us.Such celebrations are unique in a lifetime and we should always appreciate and cherish such special moments. My daughter, Elisa, is shining like the sun and I know that it is the happiness from her heart, thanks to the marriage. Of course, none of these could’ve happened without Mark in the picture. Thank you man for being there for my daughter!As a short introduction, I guess you should all know about Elisa and Mark’s love story. They began dating in high school. You all know the movies, the real life stories of happily married couples who have been together ever since high school. Well, apparently, this is their case and I am very happy about it. So, when they met, they were like both 17 years old. Honestly, it never crossed my mind that Mark would be my daughter’s partner for a lifetime. I just thought of it as a temporary solution for Elisa until she met the one. I was very wrong!

By the time they were both 19 years old, Elisa was very mature and I saw her very happy every single day. It occurred to me one night, and I realized, my eyes felt like opened: they were truly meant to be together! Mark is a great guy, I remember when Elisa was sick and was in hospital for 2 months. Mark made sure to argue with his parents, with the nurses, literally with everyone, just to see Elisa every single day. It didn’t matter to Mark if it was for 5 minutes or 5 hours, he would come back every single day to bring flowers, chocolate and other small gifts to make Elisa happier. I remember one day, when we were like 10 people near Elisa telling her that everything is going to be okay, telling her that she will recover and be free in no time. Elisa burst into tears of joy and thanked us all, especially Mark for being there so much when she would expect him less.

So, although they are only 21 years old now, it’s more than obvious that they are meant to be together for eternity. I know that Mark’s parents also agree with me on this – this is one of the best and most successful marriages ever! It’s so rare and hard to see such relationships between young people nowadays, so Elisa and Mark are just perfect to show the world that true love matters and that real marriages will always work, regardless of what people think and regardless of what trends are like.

My only and most important advise to you kids is this: no matter how well you are financially, never forget to save money for the black days, for the unexpected situations. My family lost so many things thanks to my missing focus, thanks to not having enough money on certain occasions. Don’t repeat my mistake, be wise with money, because it matters!

Let us now happily and proudly toast – because it makes me feel proud – to the happiness and successful marriage of Elisa and Mark!”

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