Father of the bride speeches tips

Father of the bride speeches are not hard to be spoken, if you prepare yourself well enough for them. What are the best tips and tricks for the dad of the bride wedding speeches?Father of the bride speech

  1. Try to be as creative as possible. Although you might be told that certain schemes and so-said rules would apply, you can always think out of the box. However, you should not exceed the limits of creativity, turning the speech into a full load of jokes or a full load of boring stories.
  2. Alternate between serious and joke-included parts with care. You see, every speech has to make a good point and it’s not only that. Even if you include jokes, these jokes must always somehow fit the context. When you’ve managed to match the jokes with the context and meaning of your speech, you still need to take care not to bring up lame or offensive jokes.
  3. Choose all of your short stories with consideration. Wedding speeches often (if not all the time) include short stories. There are great chances that your speech would include short stories as well. This is why you need to pick them carefully and again making sure they are all appropriate stories, meaningful to the main event: your daughter’s wedding.
  4. Keep your speech somewhere between short and long. Short speeches don’t sound too great and long speeches are mostly all boring. People expect you to speak anywhere between 3 and 5 minutes, but never more than minutes. If you have a speech which is captivating and important enough, you may extend the time to 7 or even 10 minutes but you need to be a real speech-master to get there without causing boredom and bad feelings.
  5. Imagine every step before you have your speech. It is a great idea to be practicing with a mirror in the comfort of your own home, so that emotions and excitement won’t cause pauses or nothing-to-say moments in your speech. Most people don’t really focus on preparing because they all think they can handle it. This is mostly true, you may be able to handle it, but it will only be an average speech. Why an average speech on an opportunity which is way above average in its importance and meaning? Give quality to your father of the bride speech!
  6. Do not forget to mention things such as welcoming the guests and then, later in the speech, welcoming the new son-in-law in your family. Even if these things might feel awkward, formal or meaningless, they are very important.
  7. Practice long enough to be able to talk with confidence. Speeches that aren’t spoken with confidence don’t have the desired effect.

The above mentioned 7 tips and tricks for father of the bride speeches can all work out very well. Use your creativity to extend these tips!

A last tip would be checking some websites or communities online, to find some father of the bride speech examples. Some are pre-written examples of speeches and others are speeches in a fill-the-gaps style. Regardless of which examples you see, they will give you plenty of useful ideas!

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