Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

The father of the bride wedding speech is the key wedding speech. It is the first speech to be given and sets the scene for other speeches that follow.

Unless you have considerable experience at public speaking or have some natural public speaking talent it is recommended to follow a standard speech format. Here are the key points that a good speech should contain.

Welcome the guests

The simplest start to your speech is to introduce yourself, the bride and groom, thank everybody for coming to this joyful occasion and give special thanks to those persons who have helped plan and organize the event. Tell everyone how honored you are to have such a wonderful daughter and how proud you are to host her wedding. Next talk about the events of the day so far and how perfect the wedding ceremony has been.

Talk About Your Daughter

The wedding is all about your daughter and you are her very proud father. Compliment your daughter on how wonderful she looks, her fine qualities, achievements and tell everyone how proud you are as her father.

Everyone is expecting you to talk about how your daughter grew up and became the fine woman they see before themselves. So speak about your daughter’s childhood years, perhaps telling a humorous story or two about when she was growing up. A key element to any wedding speech is teasing her about some of the things she has done in the past but be kind. Never say anything that you know would embarrass your daughter. After all, this is her special day that she will remember forever.

 Father of the bride wedding speechTalk About Your Son-in-law

In this part of the speech you need to formally welcome the groom and his family into your family. Talk about when your daughter first brought home her boyfriend and now husband. This may be the perfect time for a funny story. Speak about when you realized that the relationship was serious and had developed into true love. Mention when the couple became engaged and had their engagement party. This may be the time to express how you finally have a son, if you don’t have one, or maybe you have more girls in the family and the balance is about to change. It is customary to make a mild joke about the groom but don’t over do it. Always be positive and show respect to the groom.

Close the Speech

As you are the father of the family you are expected to have some final words of wisdom in your father of the bride speech. This may well be the most difficult part of the speech. Speak about the future happiness of the wedding couple and ask everyone to raise their glass to toast the bride and groom. Wish the bride and groom the best for their future together. Make sure you have organized the reception staff to have everyone’s glass full ready to make the toast.

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