How to write your best father of the bride speech

father of the bride speech exampleFathers all put high hopes in their daughter’s weddings and even if it is hard to understand that your daughter will now become part of a new family, you will be happy that she grew up and started a new life with the man of her dreams.Of course, such an event can’t simply pass without a good father of the bride speech. The only real difficulty is: how could you write your wedding speech so that nobody will find it offensive or boring and even more, in such a way that people will find it memorable and amazing?

The real thing is keeping yourself within a maximum of 5 minutes of speech and including all the important parts in your speech. What we recommend is writing your speech on paper and practicing it. Don’t feel ashamed to ask your best friends or your wife to help you with some tips on what to include and what to exclude from your mock-version speech. But always remember: a father of the bride speech can’t be good, unless it follows the simple rules of politeness but at the same time being entirely honest. The worst thing to do is to write a speech that didn’t came from your heart, but is pleasant to hear and to tell. People will realize the truth anyway and then they will become angry with you because you’ve faked the entire thing on the day of your daughter’s wedding.

Let’s list some preliminary steps and then let’s give some good points on how to edit your speech!

Editing an introduction

Just like with any type of speech, the father of the bride wedding speech should include an introductory part in which you mention important, but not boring things related to your daughter’s wedding.

What you need to include in this part are: welcoming all of the guests, self-introduction and some other things we’ll now explain. You should thank everybody for being present, especially to those who have probably traveled a lot to get there. To cheer up everyone, if you have an innocent joke or two, you can include them as well.

Of course, finding the right words for the introduction isn’t necessarily easy to do. You should take a bit of time to go through your ideas and find the best words and best way to approach the entire introduction, in knowledge of who had been invited.

Optional part – talking about your wife

Sometimes, it is quite a good idea to bring up special thanks to your wife. After all, she is the woman who gave birth to your daughter and she deserves getting some attention as well. Of course, nobody will like to hear long old stories of how many months or years it took for the two of you to meet. Those details can be boring and should not become part of a father of the bride speech. Keeping things short and to the point is what’s the best!

Things to say about your daughter

As it is the most special day of your daughter, it is of high importance to talk about your daughter in a positive way. She may have done some things wrong in her life, but you can’t be a selfish person to bring it up on the occasion of her wedding, especially because this would both ruin the event and cause very bad impressions in everyone’s eyes.

A good father of the bride speech will focus on complimenting the daughter, speaking about how great she was and still is as a person and how happy you’ve been to raise her and be her father. It’s also great if you mention that you are very proud of her and that you respect her as a grown up lady.

In order to keep things varied enough, you could include some short stories which are fun (about your daughter) but never embarrassing. You could also emphasize a good contrast between the times your daughter didn’t meet the groom and today. To put it out in a positive manner, you could say that she wasn’t happy before but now she’s glowing of happiness. You know, things like that are great to be included.

But again, the advice is to think before you speech! Don’t try to make it up along the way because you will miss important parts and fail to reach the point you might have wanted to reach.

Talking about your son-in-law

This part is probably a bit more difficult for every father. The types of relationships between the father of the bride and the groom are many and all different, thus this part of the speech must be very well edited. Remember, most of the people who are there (especially family members) will already know what your relationship is with your son-in-law. This means that you shouldn’t flatter your son-in-law with words you wouldn’t normally tell him – family members will eventually notice that you are faking the speech.

It is important to let your son-in-law know that he is now part of your family and that he is welcome to be part of it. You could include short stories on how the two of you met, when you found out that your daughter is dating your new son-in-law and how you found out that they got engaged. These are very important parts and you can’t include negative things here.

Jokes are also welcome in this part, but make them subtle and not offensive or embarrassing. Talk about how your son-in-law managed to be the person who really makes your precious daughter happy!

Closing the speech

The end of the speech is of the same importance as the other parts are. Make sure to include things which are suitable in this part. What could be good to talk about in the end? For example, a story, a short life lesson, a poem or anything which contains some important words of wisdom is always greatly appreciated.

Make sure that you will express your happiness for the new couple and congratulate their decision, wishing them the best in their future lives together. You should close the speech with a toast proposal, have people toast to the newlyweds!

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