Original Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

The internet with its blogs and forums is literally filled and overfilled with father of the bride speech examples. Still, one of the worst sensations for fathers is the actual browsing of hundreds of speech examples, but not being able to say “I know this is the one I need”. The problem with the existing examples is that they are too specific, too reflective on a couple’s situation. However, we can easily overcome this obstacle by knowing the rules and secrets behind editing these speeches.

As I tried to suggest above, originality is one of the rules and secrets. Father of the bride speech examples are posted on blogs and they have a lot of readers, just because they are originals! I don’t claim that all are originals, but the most popular ones are. How do you get to be original? Speaking from your heart is all you need.

Okay, so another thing is feeling calm. You’d say out of your own manly pride that you will be calm, but in most cases this claim proves itself wrong. Feeling calm can be achieved by exercising with your own imagination, you can easily imagine that you are saying your speech right now. As an exercise routine for the upcoming wedding, you could read out father of the bride speech examples loudly, pretending that it’s your daughter’s wedding. Trust me on this one: it actually works!

Beginning of your speech

If we browse through father of the bride speech examples, we notice different formal or informal introductions used. The fact is, that you will likely be the first one to speak on the wedding day, as far as speeches are concerned. This can come to your own advantage. Let’s consider a short example:

“Dear friends and strangers! Looks like the boring father of the bride speech I am just about to start will open up our celebrative day, as we are gathered here to celebrate the marriage of Susan and Peter.”

This is one approach, one style and I do not encourage using this as a scheme. However, it does give you an idea of a funny opening!

Parts of speech to include

Expressing “thank you” for the people who were truly supportive and helpful is a matter of respect and should not be forgotten. Also, you should welcome everybody as in most cases, some people could only get to the wedding through some efforts.

Ideally, you should start talking about your daughter, something like this:

“My dear daughter, who is now a grown up woman, was always a cute little princess for me and my family. Susan loved us all and let’s not forget that she loved all of her friends, classmates, playtime partners, teachers, horses, dogs and all other animals. Peter, my son, you couldn’t have possibly chosen any girl better than our Susan! Her presence is comforting for everyone, because she was always special and still is special.

I remember the time she found out in the 2nd grade how her teacher is in hospital with a small surgery. Susan didn’t understand what a surgery is at that age, but insisted on going to the hospital immediately. I will never forget how joyful her teacher’s eyes were as she saw Susan coming with us just to visit her.”

Of course, this is a shortened version. Do note that real speeches are not necessarily this short on this part!

Then, similarly to the above presented, you should talk about the groom.

Closing parts of the speech

All father of the bride speech examples have nice closing parts, ending with the toast. You can also offer some of your suggestions to the newlyweds, as well as your blessings. Sometimes quotes are also welcome.

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