Parts of Bride’s Father Speeches

Soon it will be the BIG day, your little girl is getting married, and you have to give a father of the bride speech, but what should you say. Speaking in public is not “your thing” but you know that you have to say something. And according to tradition since you are the host you will have to speak first. You cannot just say something about the bride and sit down. There are six parts of the speech that you must talk about and it should only take seven to nine minutes to say it keeping it to about a thousand words. That is not a long time to speak but for someone who does not like to speak, it can seem like an hour.

Remember when giving the speech you need to do with your head up, standing tall, smiling, looking at various people, and saying it loud enough so everyone can hear it. You need to do it with emotion, poise, confidence, and poise. Sounds like a big task for someone who does not like to give a speech or talk in front of others. One important thing to do is not to try and “wing” it. You need to write it down and practice what you are going to say. Say it in front of a mirror, know every part of your speech, backwards and forwards. If you are afraid of forgetting anything you can use index cards for help but try to not just read the speech. You can look at the cards but say it with love and emotion. Click HERE for MORE Speech Samples

Bride’s Father Speech – Introduction

This is the first part. It is needed because there may be people from the groom’s side of the family or friends of the groom who are not sure who you are. This is also the part where you thank certain people for taking their time to witness this special time in your daughter and son-in-law’s life, thank them for taking the time to travel there, their special relationship with your daughter and son-in-law. The people you need to thank include:

  • The guests, which includes friends, family members, co-workers
  • The wedding party, which includes the bride and groom’s attendants, ushers, flower girl, ring bearer
  • Your spouse
  • The in-laws
  • The groom

You also want to make sure that you thank all of the people who made the wedding and reception possible which can include the florist, the D.J. or band, the person who performed the ceremony, the parents of the groom for all their help, the mother of the bride for all her effort and time, the caterers, and if having a bar, the bartenders. If it is a fancy wedding and reception and you had someone park cars, they should be thanked too. This applies even if they are not there to hear the thanks.

When starting with the introduction you can say something like:

  • “Wasn’t the ceremony beautiful, almost as beautiful as the bride. Hello, I am (your name) father of the bride. Thank you everyone for joining us to witness the unification of (brides name) and (grooms name), etc.

Talking about the bride

This is the part that you need to make extra special as it is something that she will remember for the rest of her life. Take time to write down your thoughts but do not try to do it all in one night. Start off my complimenting her on how she has grown into a beautiful woman, about how proud you are, etc. It is okay to tease her a little bit.

  • “My daughter (her name) has gone from a freckle face with pigtails into this beautiful woman you see before you. I remember how when you scraped your knee you always ran to your daddy. Now you have someone else to run to and to kiss those skinned knees.”

Talking about the groom

Talk about how your daughter looked when she talked about (grooms name), the first time you met him, your first impression, how he asked for (daughter’s name) hand in marriage, say some good things about him. It is important because you want everyone to know that you are proud to have him as a son-in-law and how happy he makes your daughter.

  • “(his name), when my daughter first started talking about you, her eyes lit up and she had a continual smile on her face. Her mother and I knew you were the one when she first brought you home with the way she kept looking at you and grinning.”

Talking about the couple

When talking about the newlyweds include some of your dreams for them. Let him know how much you expect him to love your daughter and always treat her with respect. You could even include something that your parents told you that has helped you to keep your marriage alive after (number of years)

  • “For (daughter’s name) and (son-in-law’s name) I want to wish them many long happy years that are filled with love, happiness, and children. I am looking forward to spoiling my grandchildren. (son-in-law’s name) I expect you to give my (daughter’s name) the same amount of love or more, that you have for her today and (daughter’s name) I expect you to give (son-in0law’s name) the same in return. My parents told me before I married that the secrets to a happy marriage is to treat each other with respect, kiss each other first thing in the morning and last thing at night, never be afraid to show affection toward each other, and never go to bed mad.”

Bride’s Father Toast proposal

The final step is to wish them a long, loving, and happy life together, ask God to bless their marriage and then it is time for a toast. Raise your glass in the air as you look at them both and then the guests and ask them to toast the Bride and Groom.

Finally, hand the microphone, or turn to the best man so he knows it is his time to speak, and sit down.

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