Preparing high quality Father of the Bride Speeches

It is a complete art that stands behind preparing a father of the bride speech. When you begin to write the speech, it is quite common and general that you have no clue about what you are going to do. This is, however, not a reason for you to panic. I have seen many people who have lost control over panic. Trust me: if you want results, you need calmness and relaxation. Even if you believe that things have gone out of control, it is not like that. While the speech didn’t come to pass yet, while the wedding day isn’t today, hope is never lost.

Preparing the father of the bride speech consists of many small and important steps. If you can follow all steps to make sure that you have prepared a speech, then it is really easy to make sure you already have things in the right way. In order to make that happen, you only need to make sure to pay a lot of attention and follow every single aspect with care.

Dealing with time – beat time itself!

Wow, you might now think about this with seriousness: how is it ever possible to beat time? Well, the problem of people is many times the fact that time is gaining control over our lives. This happens in numerous forms. Maybe there is a day, when we know there are 10 things to do and then we end up completing 3-4 items only. This is then the main cause, the decisive factor to ruin at least 3 more days. It is not for any other reason, it’s just that if you left 6 unresolved items behind, which were due today, you will have 16 items instead of 10 tomorrow.

So, how to make sure that your to-do list’s items are all completed, before the day is over? The strategy is simple to be told, and probably a bit more demanding and harder to apply. The idea and main principle is simpler than you might have guessed: you only need a little re-arranging and a tablespoon of wisdom. Yes, things are truly that simple.

Let’s consider these things in the context of the duties you have, besides the simple (or complex) duty of writing and presenting a father of the bride speech. The most of your duties are related to events that occur as a consequence of organizing the wedding. If you are not retired, you also have your daily 8-12 hours of work, and then the arrangements only come as extras beyond the things you already need to do. This is probably when panic enters your heart, and you begin believing that there is no further hope and there isn’t any chance for you to have things done in due time.

Now, ask yourself a simple question: what are the things I could probably change? If you answer honestly, quitting your current job for organizing the wedding is truly not the answer, and truly not the solution. The solution is what you can actually change in the way you prioritize things after you’ve finished your work day.

The first golden rule for success is that you should never feel embarrassed to ask help from friends, or family members. The reality of the things is that you would always enjoy the help of others, even if you don’t admit it. The help of others may consist in simple and small things, such as calling for organizing. You can have some friends call to arrange the decorations, others to call for the suits for the men, and so forth. There are literally hundreds of ways for you to split important jobs and make sure to beat everything on the Roman principle that said “divide and conquer”. As soon as your big problem is divided, you will easily conquer every single aspect of it. Of course, the division of the problems in this particular way is not always entirely possible, or in some cases it isn’t possible at all. Even if there is no outsight to split the problem and ask for help, there are plenty of other methods to use. This is what we will now present below – other ways to go about it!

Another way, which doesn’t imply that you have asked others to help you, is that you will go out there and make sure to handle all items of the to-do list. It is obvious that the order of how you handle them makes a difference. The first item will sound strange but you will soon understand why. Take your to-do list and choose an item, which you have second thoughts about, something you would prefer not to do or to leave it for later or even leave it for tomorrow. That single item to cause you that much of thinking and hesitation – that is the first item you should handle.

You will now think I am talking in a weird way. Let me clarify why priorities set this particular way are more effective. You see, the things that draw out the maximum energy from your body and mind are the things to be taken first. The reason for this is because when you take easier, more favorable items from your list, all you end up doing is causing yourself a lot of frustration and delaying later, because you will automatically leave all harder items for tomorrow.

Then, there is another way that requires money: you can pay others, organized service providing individuals or companies, who are able to handle all you need for money. Then, if you pay them, you will have a lot of free time. The clear advantage of this method is that you are no longer limited by the lack of time and you can focus on your daily activities and the father of the bride speech as well. There is also a negative part – which is that it might cost a lot, depending on how many things you need to get done and how urgent those things are.

Handling the text of your speech – how to prepare it accordingly

This is probably the part you have been waiting for – to talk about how you can prepare your father of the bride speech text. For this part, you will need some skills and some time, but the best part of it is that you don’t need to do all of it at once.

The most important strategy to use is that you would make sure to split up the work for multiple days. If you are able to do that, then you have conquered a lot of things. When you don’t have anything yet, don’t try to think about how much you have, how much you still need and how many days are left until you have to speak. If you think about these things, you will only end up discouraging and disappointing yourself, not leaving enough energy, time and desire to complete anything more. This is where many fathers fail – they just think about the things they can’t change, and they end up being stressed and frustrated because they have an impression that those things will make it impossible for them to do anything good.

Before committing the mistake of thinking more than necessary, you should try to understand that small steps are to be taken for success. In order to make these steps, you should make sure that you will dedicate yourself to what you are doing these days. If you progress like a paragraph of the written speech text every day or every 2 days, it’s not too slow and it’s definitely not a problem.

Then, thinking and speaking about time again, you should make sure that you start in ideal time. This means that starting to edit your speech one day before the wedding is probably the worst idea ever. Of course, if you are able to start like 4 weeks before the wedding day, you will be able to complete whatever it takes to have a great speech in the end.

During the first couple of days, you should simply become an idea picker. An idea picker is a person who goes into multiple locations, physically and virtually, and then tries to make sure to gather the best and the most valuable of the ideas that can be found in those places. If you are able to gather enough ideas, it is far easier to advance to the next steps we are about to describe. Even if there aren’t enough ideas in the beginning, you can start without them and still become successful in what you are doing.

It is always good to have a notebook, smartphone or any other device that would help you to organize things accordingly. You might be on the road, in the office, waking up in the night – and all these things might bring you newer and newer ideas. As long as you made sure to note down every single idea to cross your mind, you have selected the right steps to get started.

When you have a list of ideas, you can continue to expand that list. It is not a shame and not a problem to show it to your wife, friends and other people that have earned an important position in your life. Every person will be able to bring his or her own ideas to your father of the bride speech, and then you have the opportunity to use the ideas you enjoyed and to forget the ones you didn’t like and didn’t consider to be great or usable. It is not a shame to refuse some ideas, the same way as it is not a shame to accept other ideas.

After your list has a lot of ideas, there is no reason to collect any new ideas. This is the time to start discussing those ideas and making sure that you are on the right track with using them within your speech. If your idea is, for example, a good introduction for the speech then start writing that introduction. Don’t assume that things are going to sort themselves out. You are the one who needs to assure progress, writing and editing with your father of the bride wedding speech. These things are not as complicated as they seem – it is all a lot simpler than it would first appear.

Elaborating all of the ideas is a fun part. This is when you get to expand 5 word thoughts into 5 sentence thoughts. Of course, this means you will have a lot of versions before you have a final version for the speech. Some fathers consider this as some weakness, as something that is shameful for them. This is not true, because even a professional would probably have at least 20 or 30 drafts before having a great text. Don’t assume that others are far better than you are and even if they were that good, this wouldn’t help you with your own speech. When you are working on your own speech, you shouldn’t allow yourself to think about other things. If your mind isn’t concentrated and focused enough, you can’t handle things as required. You will only have frustration and a lot of stress, which are factors to determine loss and failure instead of success and a great speech.

It is always ideal to check some trustable sources for wedding speech texts. Yes, I clearly am referring to wedding speech texts and not necessarily limited to father of the bride speech texts. The reason behind this method of thinking is simpler than you think: it is because all speech texts have similar parts. You can have great ideas from all of them. You can gather some joke ideas from the left, and then spice it up with proper wording from the right. You never know which speech text would be better than the other one, so it’s the best option to look for all texts and to make sure that you have understood every detail.

When you are approaching the final form of the wedding speech, you need to make sure that the father of the bride speech structure is respected to its fullness. The wedding speech structure is a rule and you can’t truly change many things about it, because it was created as it is for the common interest of the people who are dealing with speeches for weddings. The structure for the father of the bride speech begins with an introduction, continues with parts that are about your daughter. Then, the speech should include talking about your son-in-law, finally closing with words of wisdom, quotes and a toast proposal of high quality. These aspects of the speech are all equally important and to be respected. This also means that you need a proper level of formalism, just to make sure that you have handled everything as demanded by certain written and unwritten rules.

Then, as soon as everything is respected and the structure is kept, you can proceed to the last part of this article!

The body language and the way to speak

The way you use the speech and the way you use the body language are all very important details. For example, you can’t expect to be successful with a great text if your body language is lame. Also, if your body language is as professional as possible, you can’t expect to receive a wave of applauses for a lame text. There is always a level of perfect balance between these things, and they must be united in harmony to represent the message.

The primary aspect of body language is clothing and hairstyle, even your shoes. Believe it or not, these outside factors are the ones to be observed pretty soon by all guests. The problem here is that if they are not satisfied with the things they see on first sight, they will probably become unable to listen to your speech as it was supposed to be. You need to check fashion, you need to check how people dress for weddings. If you are not sure about the choices, feel free to ask some friends or people who have recently had some weddings. I am sure that you will find plenty of help and you will have the necessary information to make sure that you are clothed adequately, your hair is arranged as it should be and that your shoes match the things we just mentioned here.

Then, people will look at your face. Your face will always betray a truth or another – it would either express some happiness, some positive feelings, or it would simply make people believe that you are bored and freaked out. Don’t leave any wrong impressions, as it is better to keep a clean page of people’s fake (or right) judgment. This also means your eyes should reflect a calmness and a heart full of joy.

Lastly, people will look at your body position and the position of your hands. These are important aspects and you need to make sure you don’t stand like a soldier, but you also need to make sure not to use the body posture of a hippie. The best thing is to be calm, relaxed and to express that you are in control of things. It is also important to hold your hands as they are to be held during wedding speeches, and not as if you were stressed or presenting a conference.

These things will be combined with how you speak. To make sure you have got all things right, just make sure to use the proper tone of your voice and to clearly speak out all words.

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