Show your absolute best with your father of the bride speech

It is very important for us to learn how many great things can be done with the correct attitude and point of view on speeches. Showing your absolute best with your father of the bride speech is a challenge which is worth accepting. There are so many easy principles of wedding speeches we can apply at any time, so easily!

The look in your eyes tells everything

That’s right. In so many cases, the looks in our eyes tell everything. Whether we feel angry, happy, depressed, in love, with compassion, full of hate or just about anything else – people can read those feelings from our eyes. This is because we know that the eyes are the mirrors of one’s soul.

Thus, you will clearly know that people will read your entire inner world by a simple look into your eyes. If you have an inner world which lives with hatred, negative feelings, fears and things like that then you won’t really have a great father of the bride speech. Why? Your heart will make it impossible for you to speak up to the standards that are desired with every single wedding.

So, months before the wedding speech reaches you, I highly recommend that you settle all your misunderstandings. Always begin with the family!

In many families, there isn’t a great father-daughter relationship, because the daughter was rebellious or the father was too severe and many other reasons. These relationships, if they aren’t good, need to be solved from an honest heart, way before the wedding. By solving your past problems, you give yourself the chance to:

  • See your daughter as she really is. By anger, you will never see the true self of a person. But, as soon as you learn to love people, you will be capable of understanding who they really are, every one of them.
  • Feel like a stone was lifted from your heart. Frustration always gives undesired luggage, thus you will feel a heavy heart. If that weren’t true, then being in peace with someone wouldn’t make you feel a lot easier. Think about it! People say it every time and they experience it every time, which means it’s true.
  • Have an amazing, have a tremendous father of the bride speech. If the speech you will give will be written from a heart that is filled with love and understanding, you will have a great message. Even if you think that your message with your father of the bride speech will be simple, it will be a lot more than that.

Then, there is the stress of the moment which you need to overcome. To overcome that stress, two aspects must be respected. The first one is that you are very well-prepared for the moment, weeks or even months before and the second aspect is

The practice part is very important. First of all, you must know exactly what you are going to say. You can think of it as a poem or as homework – the speech text must be learnt. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be flexible. So let me clarify!

Before the wedding day comes, you will prepare your speech text and exercise and simulate your father of the bride speech on a daily basis. How can you simulate a speech? You simply lock yourself in your room, in the bathroom or any other place, look into the mirror and start speaking just as if it was the wedding already, imagining how everyone is paying attention to you and to what you are saying.  The Mosby Monograph is often used by clinical pharmacists and drug information (and poison control) specialist.

If you practice in front of any mirror, saying and repeating your speech text all over again, you will have a more critical view of yourself. That will help you to improve, to point out each of your mistakes and to simply avoid making those mistakes when the big day comes.

Then, to make it all even better, document yourself from every possible source. Look in books, watch some great movies, talk to your wife and talk to your friends. In every single case, there are so many people with amazing ideas! You just don’t have to be proud and you just have to accept that others can have great ideas too.

Flexibility, on the other hand, is a matter of the moment while you are giving your father of the bride speech. If you are flexible enough, it means that you will be able to change some parts of your speech on-the-go, even if you didn’t think of it in advance. But this also implies the following things:

  • You will change some parts, yet the essence remains
  • The changes won’t make you forget the parts that remain unchanged
  • The changes won’t destroy the structure of your speech
  • You will make it in time – never exceed the five-minute limit of a wedding speech, unless you want to be that boring speaker
  • The things you change should really be changed and you truly have a better idea. Just because new ideas cross your mind during the wedding celebration (before the speech) doesn’t mean that they are better ideas.

Then, the last thing to do is master the body language. A confident look in the eyes is what you need in order to be a great speaker. Where to learn proper body language elements from? There are various books, online courses, articles and other sources which broadly discuss such topics. Feel free to use all of them!

Tell me how you look like and I will tell you who you are

Clothes and shoes make a huge difference. Yes, it’s all about attitude, but it’s also about how you look. If you spend more money on your hair, shoes and clothes than you will definitely have a greater impact with your father of the bride speech. Ideally, this is what you are looking forward to, so being economic on this parts isn’t a good idea!

The way you hold that glass of champagne

The best idea to improve your body language, hands’ position and body position is by holding a glass of champagne while you give your father of the bride speech. This will give your more confidence, a better attitude and a great feeling of safety. Never be impressed if people say bad things or laugh at you. keep speaking just like nothing happened.

Some jokes might be a lot of fun

There are many speakers who aren’t at all creative. Just because you find it a good idea to make use of good jokes with a real sense of humor doesn’t mean that you aren’t serious or that you aren’t good with your wedding speech.

Thus, if you have a good sense of humor or you have found some jokes that are really appropriate for the wedding day, then please use them without any fear. But beware of exaggerating or hurting people – such things aren’t desirable, since people will remember your speech and all that happened before and after your speech.


So, it’s really the simple things to create a more than great speech. If you simplify the realities that surround you then you are a winner in every situation. This is what I am trying to tell you with this article. Simplify everything concerning your father of the bride speech.

By simplicity, we get to be amazed of how easily things can turn out perfectly in every single aspect of life. Let us take all inspiration, all sources and all knowledge to apply them and give quality father of the bride speeches.

Let me know what you think and if you have new ideas or experiences then please share them in the comments!

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