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Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

The father of the bride wedding speech is the key wedding speech. It is the first speech to be given and sets the scene for other speeches that follow.

Unless you have considerable experience at public speaking or have some natural public speaking talent it is recommended to follow a standard speech format. Here are the key points that a good speech should contain.

Welcome the guests

The simplest start to your speech is to introduce yourself, the bride and groom, thank everybody for coming to this joyful occasion and give special thanks to those persons who have helped plan and organize the event. Tell everyone how honored you are to have such a wonderful daughter and how proud you are to host her wedding. Next talk about the events of the day so far and how perfect the wedding ceremony has been.

Talk About Your Daughter

The wedding is all about your daughter and you are her very proud father. Compliment your daughter on how wonderful she looks, her fine qualities, achievements and tell everyone how proud you are as her father. More

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Speech for father of the bride

Father of the bride wedding speech

Father of the bride

Being Father of the Bride you have a lot of responsibility, not just on the wedding day itself, but in the days and weeks before the event.

Except all the responsibilities of planning of the wedding and reception details, your number-one priority is to provide your daughter with a solid support and help as her Big Day approaches. This is your time to really be next to her, you’re the one she’ll be turning to when things get a little chaotic.

On top of all these responsibilities, there’s also very important matter of keeping yourself stress-free as possible. When you’re expected to make a wedding speech in front of all the people who really matter to you, your family, your new son-in-law, and (most importantly) your daughter, that’s a pretty big task. has been created particularly to encounter the exact must of the Dad of the Bride. It deals with all his traditional and modern responsibilities as a day by itself and in the time top up to it: not just the crafting, planning, and delivery of the talk, but everything you need to understand to be the a lot well-informed, supportive, and confident Father of the Bride-to-be that you possibly can be! More

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